Tank Trouble

tank trouble

General Overview of Tank Trouble

Tank trouble is a great revolution to shooter games. For those tired to see their man dying in between missions, try this, use tanks and all powerful weapons at your disposal. Hope this time you will never miss that head shot, will you? In this play you have to shoot enemy tanks, no matter the play mode you are in. In this dear game, everything is so random that even when after restarting a round you may end up seeing your enemy’s turret aiming at you.

Play Modes

For play modes, the game offers single player and multi player. The multiplayer caters for your two or three colleagues but it is restricted to a single computer. The single player mode will ensure you play against Laika, who exhibits that the AI is tough, non predictive and will never fall for your same trick twice.

Game Play

The setting of the play is a maze, which is rather simple, that have to maneuvered so as to kill enemy tanks. The white background exhibits weapons icons, that have to be collected and fired. For survival you have to evade bullets or else your tank gets blown up. After blowing up all enemy tanks, a level is completed and a more sophisticated maze unrolls. The are pretty awesome bonus weapons and game play against friends is truly fun.

To pass precious time today get the Tank Troubles play and shoot your enemies. Feel indestructible and conquer the levels.